Should I Install Anti-Scald Valves?

We have all experienced that annoying burst of hot or freezing water in the shower when someone else in the house turns on a faucet or flushes a toilet. While for many of us, it simply requires a quick maneuver out of the way of the flowing water, for others, such as the elderly or very young, it could result in scalding or shock from the sudden change in temperature.

An answer to this could be installing an anti-scald valve. Anti-scald valves work by keeping water at a safe temperature, even when water pressure fluctuates in the pipes. An advantage to this also, is that hot water drains slower from the hot water tank, so you won’t run out of hot water as quickly.

Anti-Scald valves are usually simple to install and not too expensive. To protect the whole house, they can be installed at the hot water heater, or if you only want to regulate certain areas they can also be installed in specific places.

After installation, the temperature you set the anti-scald valve may need to be adjusted to compensate for pipes that aren’t insulated or defects in the valve.

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