Could There Be Mold In My Carpet?

Could There Be Mold In My CarpetMold is a most undesirable thing to deal with in a home. It can cause upper respiratory problems, as well as other health conditions such as skin problems, so naturally, we want to do our best to prevent its growth.

One area where mold can grow is in the carpet. Here are some things to think about:

  • If mold is not visible on my carpet, could it still have it?
  • Yes, in fact, mold only appears on the surface of the carpet in more extreme cases

Where should I check for mold?

Check the underside of the carpet, also carpet padding is at high risk for mold growth so make sure to check that too

What can cause mold to grow in my carpet?

Mold loves a damp and dusty environment so if the carpet has been subject to a lot of moisture, especially a flood, it’s at high risk for mold to grow. Watch out for carpet in the basement, or bathroom as this can also be a damp and humid environment.

Is mold easy to remove from my carpet?

If the carpet has been subject to a flood and has been wet for 24hrs or more, you will likely need to replace it. It will most likely need replacing also if the mold is covering a large area of the carpet. If discovered quickly though and if its only a small area, the carpet can be cleaned,

It is always wise though to seek advice on the best way to treat a mold issue. Please call us here at Empire Inspectors, and we will be happy to advise you. 914-352-0699

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