Bed Bugs….An unhappy reality

In recent years Bed Bugs, have become an epidemic, and our area is no exception. Their hard to see, love to travel and not so easy to eliminate, so what do we know about these pesky invaders, and what can we do about them?

Although bed bugs are found in mattresses, they are by no means limited to beds, in fact they can hide in an alarming number of places. Anywhere from furniture, curtains and clothing to picture frames and books

What do they look like?

Bed bugs are rather small, especially when first hatched. An adult bed bug is flat, oval and has a orangey, rust colored body.

See the signs

Bed bugs are rather shy in nature, so it is usually easier to look out for the signs of their presence. These include blood spots, and stains from fecal matter, also some crushed bug remnants, they are also known to emit a musty smell (it should be noted though that this is not always present)

These little parasites enjoy biting us as well which can leave itchy bumps on our skin.

How to treat the problem

It is not advised for homeowners to try to treat the problem themselves, as if not careful they can make the problem worse. PMPs or Pest Management Professionals are best for treating the problem as they can look for the bugs at the beginning stages of their development.

Trained dogs are also successfully being used in the detection of bed bugs as they can detect an odor that is emitted by the bugs.

Please contact us here at Empire Inspectors for more information on how to detect the presence of bed bugs in your home

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